Els projects

Project 2017

This 2017 we have been working on the reconstruction of the Shree Gandaki Lower School in the town of Runchet (Manaslu area), which was seriously damaged in 2015 a cause of the earthquake. As a consequence, part of its students must attend their lessons in temporary buildings and tents.

A group of nine members of the Association went to the area travelling from Mataró. It was a long journey: Flight towards Nepal, twelve hours ride in a local bus and three days walking in order to arrive to the town of Runchet, located at 2.400 meters above sea level. We worked for fifteen days in the rehabilitation and conditioning of the inner part of the School. We also built its furniture. The economic contribution of ‘Mataró to Nepal’ for this project was of 4.000 € that were raised thanks to our sponsors: Aigües de Mataró, Abanik Rent&Events, Royal Mountain Trekking Nepal, Apsara Boutique Hotel i Pirotecnia Tomás , and private contributions. We would like to give a big thank you to the people and companies for their collaboration.

Earthquake April 25 2015

Due to the earthquake that struck Nepal on April the 25th 2015, we made an emergency action in the towns of Wachpu and Leti together with the Royal Mount Trekking, Ganesh – Uijan Memorial Fundation and the Swiss Doctor Ms. Carole Reveely.

The project consisted of replacing of roof tiles of 41 houses that had severely been affected by the earthquake. This work was done before the arrival of the Asian monsoon.

The financial contribution of Mataró to Nepal to this project was 1.300€

Health Post Pokali

From March to April 2013, 3 volunteers of our Association collaborated in the rehabilitation, conditioning and supplying of a medical dispensary acting at the village of Wachpu (Pokali) and in the whole valley at Okhaldunga Area. During their stay of 17 days, they coordinately worked with the medical team of the Centre on patient care tasks, first aid and providing necessary medicines for medical assistance.
The financial contribution of Mataró to Nepal to this project was 1.500€