image -Please spread our Project within the social media and help us in be well known. By providing visibility to our projects, we improve the present situation in Nepal. To collaborate with our Association is a way of fomenting social responsibility and solidarity in your community.

-Be a collaboration member

Your commitment as a member will allow us to execute / carry out our solidarity projects. As a member you will choose which will be your provided amount and the frequency of your collaborations.

-Make a donation
You can make a donation to the Association through our bank account
The account number to make the contributions is:
ES55 2095 5327 3091 1667 3710

image -Companies
We encourage all companies to collaborate in our projects and to participate in our solidarity actions.
Your collaborations with our entity will annually deduct IRPF and Corporation taxes. You will receive a donation certificate for your annual statement of tax filing.

-Solidarity t-shirt
You can buy the shirt Mataró to Nepal for 15 euros
Sizes: S / M / L / XL / XXL